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So let’s charge the AC system and find the leak the kit I’m using today has three main things you want to look for first you want to make sure it’s the correct refrigerant you can see we’re using Ra what you want to do is you want to look over here and you can see right here it says to use if the sticker isn’t located over here check on top of your hood a lot of times.

The sticker will be up there you can also check the back of the owners manual which a lot of times will tell you what refrigerant you have to use most new cars today use ra next you want a kit with a built-in gauge this kit comes with the gauge and the nozzle attaches to the top which is exactly what you want so then you don’t have to buy any special air-conditioning.

Equipment this will plug right into your air conditioning system finally you want to kit with UV dye the UV dye is what’s going to let us detect the air conditioning leak it’s going to be visible using a UV light the good thing about this kit is it comes with a UV light to find the leaks with without the UV dye in it refrigerant is just clear gas so you won’t be able to see where the leak is and as always I’ll leave a link in description to where you can get this kit it’s.

where I found it the cheapest Ultra Air Tucson to go check it out if you want to try it yourself when you’re filling the system up with refrigerant make sure that you use glasses and make sure that you use gloves this stuff if it shoots out at you as chemicals in it it’s freezing cold simple protection like this will prevent you from getting blind or getting frostbite before we get started let me give you the basics on how an air conditioning system works in a car or truck right down here is the compressor which is belt.

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see the clutch engage and disengage on this AC compressor all right so here’s our pressure reading now when the compressor clutch engages like right now you can see the needle on this side goes to about and you want to take you’re really gonna get to comfort the clutch engages by the way and then here engaged again and on the low-pressure side is at about thirty and maybe thirty two or three and the low-pressure side you can see that right there you hear that the clutch engages right.

when this hits psi and as it goes down it disengages when it goes below psi alright now that we have these numbers what do they mean and how can we use them to diagnose issues with our AC system now these numbers are going to be a little different from car to car you know every system has its own numbers for different temperatures and humidity when you do that test but from.

Experience I can tell you that these numbers are actually okay they pretty much indicate that you might be slightly low on refrigerant and that’s why the compressor clutch keeps engaging and disengaging all right so the way your AC compressor knows when to turn on and turn off is through your low side AC pressure switch or British Cycling switch which again is on the low side this two wire switch that you see here on our accumulator so basically this switch is usually.

The open position or Tucson ac repair the works when it’s open it doesn’t let the current to pass through it but when you have enough pressure inside your low-pressure side. a little low refrigerant and this caused AC system alright so now let’s talk about if you get different numbers than the ones we got here so now let’s say we have the same number the same pressure on both sides even when they see compressor clutch is engaged if that’s the case let’s say you’re getting psi on both sides with.

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Capacitor on your air conditioning unit now most air conditioning units have one of these or something similar to a run capacitor so basically they’re they’re aware item they will wear out now the one I had in my machine or my air conditioner lasted years pretty good long time but it did fail and when it fails your air conditioning.

Unit will no longer power up and will no longer work well in Texas hey that’s a big problem when it’s degrees outside ok your family is going to start getting hot real fast when this happens now background on my failure mine happened to go out at the perfect most inopportune time you could possibly have it go out o’clock p.m. on a Saturday night OK.

And in our small town about the only thing you can get from a business at that time is a pizza okay in large metropolitan centers guys work you probably won’t have that much of an issue getting one of these but it won’t be cheap on a Saturday night I’ll tell you that right now I called seven or eight different people and I actually got a business owner on.

The line and he agreed to meet me to give me one of these well actually this capacitor exactly you know at at night and I was very very happy that he did that for me because it saved me and my family a lot of grief from the heat so this is eleven dollars and ninety five cents at Amazon I now have a spare one of these because I will never be without one of these as long as have a house with AC and I I strongly recommend that if you have.

Being any power at that inside the well no chance of being volts inside the control panel for the air conditioning unit and that’s what we’re going to look at next right now we’re looking at the side panel right here and this panel has to come off and there’s one bolt here and another bolt over here and two more on the bottom I’ll show you those there we go one here and one over here and they’re / bolts and I’m going to use my nut driver to get those out of there.

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The car is put on a lift and the whole transmission process is brought down. Apart from transmission repair or replacement, it is also possible to choose to sell the auto and purchase a new one. Actually, you should learn everything it must say about your car or truck and, because you couldn’t possibly memorize everything, you ought to keep the manual in a secure but readily accessible location. Certain automotive diagnostic procedures can and ought to be achieved by the automobile owner because you’re the person who knows your car best and the way that it behaves under normal problems.

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You don’t have to Ultra air conditioning immediately seek the services of an automotive mechanic for this. Your automotive mechanic will require time to confirm your vehicle more closely to be able to develop an accurate diagnosis. Once you speak to your automotive mechanic at the automobile service center, tell him everything you have observed. Obviously, you don’t have to entirely give up your trusted auto service mechanic.

You don’t want to let something so easy as an ac unit mess up your productivity on the job or your capacity to socialize with friends and family. An air-conditioning unit is a must-have in any house today, particularly during the summertime. When you have an immense ac unit and whether or not it happens to quit working in the middle of the summer season, you wouldn’t have any other option except to shut your operations down unless the unit is worked upon by employing the help of a skilled and seasoned contractor for an ac restoration. If your air-conditioning unit isn’t performing well or you’re considering replacing it, keep reading to learn how you can best handle the scenario. 1 thing to check at is an ac unit.

A heating in addition to a cooling device is just a machine and hence there’s every chance that it may break down any moment as a result of number of reasons like congestion and over exhaustion. It is an important function of HVAC system. If you believe your heating and ac unit is not as efficient than before, it’s about time that you avail one of these services.

You also know your HVAC system has an immediate effect on your company. If your HVAC process is simply a couple of years old and is still in good shape, they may do the cleaning and repair. When you have a centralized HVAC system, it can take more time for those contractors to create a complete estimate.

Heating systems are a considerable investment and so it is crucial that you take care of those. Contemporary heating systems are made by employing the most recent technologies. If you’ve had your ac system for a very long time and it’s one that they don’t even make any longer it may be time for you to receive a new one. The way an ac system works is using a refrigerant (freon) and letting it change its state to select the heat from the air. In addition it’s important to repair an air-conditioning system once it breaks because you’re going to be very uncomfortable otherwise.