Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Ultra Air Tucson

So let’s charge the AC system and find the leak the kit I’m using today has three main things you want to look for first you want to make sure it’s the correct refrigerant you can see we’re using Ra what you want to do is you want to look over here and you can see right here it says to use if the sticker isn’t located over here check on top of your hood a lot of times.

The sticker will be up there you can also check the back of the owners manual which a lot of times will tell you what refrigerant you have to use most new cars today use ra next you want a kit with a built-in gauge this kit comes with the gauge and the nozzle attaches to the top which is exactly what you want so then you don’t have to buy any special air-conditioning.

Equipment this will plug right into your air conditioning system finally you want to kit with UV dye the UV dye is what’s going to let us detect the air conditioning leak it’s going to be visible using a UV light the good thing about this kit is it comes with a UV light to find the leaks with without the UV dye in it refrigerant is just clear gas so you won’t be able to see where the leak is and as always I’ll leave a link in description to where you can get this kit it’s.

where I found it the cheapest Ultra Air Tucson to go check it out if you want to try it yourself when you’re filling the system up with refrigerant make sure that you use glasses and make sure that you use gloves this stuff if it shoots out at you as chemicals in it it’s freezing cold simple protection like this will prevent you from getting blind or getting frostbite before we get started let me give you the basics on how an air conditioning system works in a car or truck right down here is the compressor which is belt.

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