Ways On How To Prepare For Reverse Vasectomy

Five old bison is then placed in the outer muscular layer of the vs this allows the surgeon to manipulate the bass after transaction it’s very important that the suture is placed superficial so it does not compromise the nasal lumpen you small bleeding sites of the Peri basal tissue are easily controlled with directed bipolar cattery with the testicular end of the vs isolated and prepared.

we now turn our attention to exposing the abdominal end in a very similar fashion often a combination of directed cattery as well as light stretching of the tissue is all that is required to release the vs at this stage you once again repeated application of the no scalpel vasectomy ring clip facilitates exposure and delivery of the vs Peri Vasili window using the no scalpel vasectomy sharp snap is then created on the abdominal end of the bass you superficial fiber bias and holding sutures then placed through the abdominal end of the bat you at this point we highlight the location of the vasectomy.

site by applying the no scalpel vasectomy ring clap in this location on each side of the vasectomy occlusion site you can see that generous amounts of healthy with good blood supply can be exposed for the single midlife mini incision the testicular end bass is then transected sharply on a firm backboard with a fresh blade following trends section of the bipolar cattery can be used for hemostats near the vasectomy occlusion site fluid is then expressed and aspirated from the testicular and bass and analyzed.

For the presence of sperm if evidence of sperm is identified in the basal fluid a basal visits me or direct connection can be completed vasectomy reversal on this side the abdominal in is then transected on a firm backboard with a fresh blade and bipolar cattery is applied as necessary with both ends of the VAT is now prepared for a re connection all instrumentation is removed in the VAT and spermatozoa quarter now delivered back inside a single.

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