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see the clutch engage and disengage on this AC compressor all right so here’s our pressure reading now when the compressor clutch engages like right now you can see the needle on this side goes to about and you want to take you’re really gonna get to comfort the clutch engages by the way and then here engaged again and on the low-pressure side is at about thirty and maybe thirty two or three and the low-pressure side you can see that right there you hear that the clutch engages right.

when this hits psi and as it goes down it disengages when it goes below psi alright now that we have these numbers what do they mean and how can we use them to diagnose issues with our AC system now these numbers are going to be a little different from car to car you know every system has its own numbers for different temperatures and humidity when you do that test but from.

Experience I can tell you that these numbers are actually okay they pretty much indicate that you might be slightly low on refrigerant and that’s why the compressor clutch keeps engaging and disengaging all right so the way your AC compressor knows when to turn on and turn off is through your low side AC pressure switch or British Cycling switch which again is on the low side this two wire switch that you see here on our accumulator so basically this switch is usually.

The open position or Tucson ac repair the works when it’s open it doesn’t let the current to pass through it but when you have enough pressure inside your low-pressure side. a little low refrigerant and this caused AC system alright so now let’s talk about if you get different numbers than the ones we got here so now let’s say we have the same number the same pressure on both sides even when they see compressor clutch is engaged if that’s the case let’s say you’re getting psi on both sides with.

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