Why You Shouldn’t Go To Tucson Ac Repair On Your Own

Capacitor on your air conditioning unit now most air conditioning units have one of these or something similar to a run capacitor so basically they’re they’re aware item they will wear out now the one I had in my machine or my air conditioner lasted years pretty good long time but it did fail and when it fails your air conditioning.

Unit will no longer power up and will no longer work well in Texas hey that’s a big problem when it’s degrees outside ok your family is going to start getting hot real fast when this happens now background on my failure mine happened to go out at the perfect most inopportune time you could possibly have it go out o’clock p.m. on a Saturday night OK.

And in our small town about the only thing you can get from a business at that time is a pizza okay in large metropolitan centers guys work you probably won’t have that much of an issue getting one of these but it won’t be cheap on a Saturday night I’ll tell you that right now I called seven or eight different people and I actually got a business owner on.

The line and he agreed to meet me to give me one of these well actually this capacitor exactly you know at at night and I was very very happy that he did that for me because it saved me and my family a lot of grief from the heat so this is eleven dollars and ninety five cents at Amazon I now have a spare one of these because I will never be without one of these as long as have a house with AC and I I strongly recommend that if you have.

Being any power at that inside the well no chance of being volts inside the control panel for the air conditioning unit and that’s what we’re going to look at next right now we’re looking at the side panel right here and this panel has to come off and there’s one bolt here and another bolt over here and two more on the bottom I’ll show you those there we go one here and one over here and they’re / bolts and I’m going to use my nut driver to get those out of there.


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